What Our Customers Say

Our agency is built on positive customer experiences. We aim to empower ministries in Illinois to fulfill their missions through outstanding service from our agency. That's why we think it's important that you hear from some of our customers so you can see what that means to them.

"I take my job as a steward of God's resources seriously. For our ministry, that includes our buildings, property, and vehicles. In my experience, church-specific insurers better understand the needs of churches and ministries. I have had personal experience with three different church- or ministry-specific insurers. Of that group, there is no question in my mind that Brotherhood Mutual is at the head of the pack. Thinking about evaluating your church or ministry's coverage? If so, call Jacob Jump. I tend to have lots of questions and needs when it comes to understanding our insurance coverage, options, etc. I have never sent an email, made a phone call, or fired off a text without receiving quick, specific, caring, and thorough responses from Jacob. I tell all my pastor and ministry friends about Brotherhood Mutual and about Jacob Jump!"

- Pastor Rich Ratts, Crossroads Church, Monticello, IL

"Linda Jump is by far one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would like to commend her exceptional service that she gives to the Illinois Church of God on behalf of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance. Linda is very prompt answering my questions and concerns and she always is a knowledgeable agent to work with. She has a winner’s attitude and I appreciate that she takes our needs seriously. She’s a pleasure to work with."

- Mary Lou DeMeio, State Treasurer, Illinois Church of God State Office

"The American Church Group of Illinois team and their customer service is outstanding. They truly have the needs of their clients as their top priority. No matter what the need might be, question, certificate of insurance, or claim, the response time is almost immediate. We experienced a tornado in December of 2018 that damaged our church building and other structures. I called on Sunday afternoon and left a message and within a couple of hours the claim process was started. I would highly recommend Linda Jump and her team to help you and your ministry through the insurance process. She will be your advocate when you have a claim and don’t know who to call or how to start the process. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company has been exceptional at the coverage of our facilities. Since they specialize in insuring churches and related ministries they understand all the aspects of a church. I feel we have the perfect partnership with Linda Jump and Brotherhood Mutual!"

- Dollie Brown, Office Administrator, Calvary Baptist Church