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Our agency’s helpful, professional staff truly cares about serving people who have been called into ministry. Our knowledge, training, and personal experience make us uniquely qualified to understand your needs and help you protect every aspect of your ministry operation.

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I take my job as a steward of God's resources seriously. For our ministry, that includes our buildings, property, and vehicles. In my experience, church-specific insurers better understand the needs of churches and ministries. I have had personal experience with three different church- or ministry-specific insurers. Of that group, there is no question in my mind that Brotherhood Mutual is at the head of the pack. Thinking about evaluating your church or ministry's coverage? If so, call Jacob Jump.

Pastor Rich Ratts, Crossroads Church - Monticello, IL

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Whether you are shopping for insurance or need help with your existing policy, we're here to help. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your ministry better!

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