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Pastors and their spouses are invited to connect with the resources offered through Full Strength Network. This national nonprofit is focused on helping pastors thrive in ministry by monitoring your wellbeing and connecting to strengthening resources. You have access to the MinistryPulse app, FSN website, blogs and articles, and professionals who specialize in counseling for pastors and their families.

Download the Free App – MinistryPulse

MinistryPulse™ is an easy-to-use app you can take with you anywhere. This tool strengthens and encourages pastors, ministry leaders, and their families. It was created to help sensitize you to the issues and events in everyday pastoral life that deplete leadership vitality and erode your ability to thrive and flourish under the heavy pressures of ministry life. The simplicity of the app is what makes it so effective. By taking a minute or two each day, and two minutes once per week, you can improve your wellbeing awareness by 50% or more over time. Download to your phone from the App Store or visit online at https://ministrypulse.org/.

Access Online Wisdom Content

The greatest foundation for sustained longevity in ministry is a strong internal core. It provides a firm platform for sustaining a lifetime of outward ministry toward others while helping to avoid the likelihood of vocational burnout, vulnerability to temptation, and deterioration of relationships.

Full Strength Network’s Wisdom Content centers on the Six Domains of Wellbeing. You have free access to articles and resources in these six areas of need: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Relational. 

Get Expert Help 

From time to time, ministry leaders need to receive confidential strengthening help from others to mend or regain balance in their lives. That’s the purpose of the FSN Strength Care™ program. Caregivers specialize in ministry. Visit the Full Strength Network to ask to be connected to a coach, counselor, or other strength partner in their network. Financial assistance may be available based on need. The FSN staff will discuss this with you when they connect you to an FSN care specialist. Help is available through coaching and counseling sessions for the individual pastor, your spouse, and as a couple. 

Full Strength Network