COVID-19 Resources

While we do not know the extent to which your ministry may be affected by COVID-19, we do know there are many questions. Because of that, we have provided articles from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and other resources that may help provide you with some direction. American Church Group of Illinois is here for your church and/or related ministry.


Novel Coronavirus Prevention

Review your Infectious Disease Plan

Church Shares Coronavirus Messaging

Coronavirus: Creative Ways to Approaching Communion

In-Person Services Cancelled: Taking the Gospel Online

Coronavirus and Your Building: Deep Clean and Disinfect

Communicating in a Time of Coronavirus

Giving in Digital Times

Allergies or COVID-19? Clara Can Help Assess

Empty Buildings Attract Problems

Property Maintenance Prevents Surprises

Coronavirus: Temporary Day Care Guidelines


Details of the CARES Act with Vanderbloemen

Coronavirus Outbreak: What Your Church Needs to Know


Questions about Coronavirus and how it may affect your ministry? Submit your question through Brotherhood Mutual's Legal Assist.